Revolutionize the Gig Economy with Uwerx: Unlock Profits Now!

• Monolith (TKN) is struggling to beat bearish sentiments as the bears continue to dominate over the token.
• Uwerx (WERX) has been smashing through its presale with increased adoption and potential to keep soaring in the crypto winter.
• Analysts predict a bright future for Uwerx with a 15% purchase bonus and the presale ending on July 31st.

Monolith (TKN) Struggling in Crypto Winter

The crypto market considers Monolith (TKN) a near-dead crypto as it has only recorded a few transactions or trading activities for a long time. This has caused Monolith (TKN) to see a huge plunge without signs of recovery. Monolith (TKN) currently dines with the bear as it has remained at the bottom, with predictions showing it might record only a negligible price increase. Monolith (TKN) has declined by almost 5% in the past week, and further decline is imminent due to increased selling pressure from token holders moving to more active platforms.

Uwerx’s Surging Presale

Uwerx is a new project seeking to reconceptualize the gig economy with its revolutionary features, accounting for its presale success and increased adoption. The WERX price increase is more surprising; WERX started trading at $0.005 but is now at $0.047725, with more price increases unavoidable. Also, analysts predict a bright future for Uwerx due to its launch price being increased to $0.095 – $0.115 due to rising value and users receiving an additional 15% purchase bonus on top of their profits when they buy tokens before July 31st .

Visa Debit Card Offered By Monolith

Monoloth provides users with a decentralized banking system powered by Ethereum which enables them to use its Visa debit card globally for storing or spending their tokens . Additionally, users can store their tokens in DeFi contract wallet where they can make in-app crypto purchases using their Visa debit card .

Gig Workers Expected To Reach 78 Million In 2023

Global gig workers are expected to reach 78 million in 2023 , hence Uwerx is making significant moves towards increasing adoption and standing out from other freelancing platforms .


Overall, both projects have been gaining increasing adoption within the cryptocurrency market; however, analysts believe that there is much brighter future ahead for Uwerx compared to Monolith which continues struggling against bearish sentiments .